Joee Guilas

Director for Corporate Communications

Newport World Resorts

Joee Guilas is a professional broadcaster of three decades who was recently hailed by the Philippines’ Entertainment News Writers as the country’s Best Male Television News Anchor. A multi-awarded business communicator and broadcast journalist, he was likewise elevated to the lifetime achievement roster of The Outstanding Men and Women of the Philippines in late August.

He sets himself apart by being the only one in his field to have concurrent careers in the mainstream media and in corporate communications, something he has built an expertise on since 1997. This multi-media multitasker has led his team into being among Asia’s top 5 in-house corporate PR teams in 2019 while beating the weekly deadlines of his regular column in one of the Philippines’ most respected broadsheets.


Day 1 (Wed 13 Sep) 15:20 to 16:20 [Panel] How media and public perception impacts regulation