The dates shown below are the dates for the 2023 Awards Process. These will be updated to the 2024 Awards Process dates some time in the first half of 2024.

Public Nomination period

Mon 24 Jul to Wed 16 Aug 2023

Any member of the public may submit nominations for any award category by visiting and completing the nomination web form under the “AWARDS” section of the website. There is no prohibition against self-nomination. It is highly recommended that those submitting nominations download the Public Nominations Information Guide (PNIG), which will assist in making nominations more effective and impactful. Nominations close strictly at midnight Manila time at the end of Wednesday 16 August 2023. Late nominations will not be accepted.

Official nominees selected 

Thu 17 to Wed 23 Aug 2023

A select committee of the Judging Panel (itself appointed by the Chairman of the judging Panel) selects the official nominees for each award category from amongst the public nominations received during the public nomination period.

Nominee announcement and promotion     

Thu 24 to Wed 30 Aug 2023

By Thursday 24 August 2023, the official nominees for each category will be publicly announced on this page. This begins a publicity period before the official voting period begins.

Official voting period 

Thu 31 Aug to Sat 9 Sep 2023

The full panel of judges votes on all categories from amongst the official nominees. The voting system is first-past-the-post, and the Chairman of the Judging Panel has the casting vote in the event of a tie. Any judges who are nominated or whose organizations are nominated or have a conflict of interest as determined by the Chairman of the Judging Panel are recused from the relevant category or categories.

Vote tallying and auditing

Sun 10 and Mon 11 Sep 2023

The votes are tallied by the Chairman of the Judging Panel in a secure location. The Chairman then certifies the winners, and the entire process is independently audited. The results are kept under lock and key in a safe until just before the Awards ceremony begins.

Awards ceremony      

Wed 13 Sep 2023

The Chairman of the Judging Panel keeps the winners’ envelopes on his person until just before the winners are announced.